Activate US Bank ReliaCard

Activate US Bank ReliaCard

Do you feel unemployed? Do you need a hand to save yourself from financial calamity? No worries! Opt for a U.S. Bank ReliaCard and activate it at to start making purchases. Activate US Bank 

activate us bank reliacard

What Is US Bank ReliaCard?

U.S. Bank issues the ReliaCard. It is a debit card that can be reloaded by an agency of the government. After you have received the card, you’ll need to activate it prior to getting the most value from it. The card is the option of electronic payment. Like other debit cards, it is the U.S. Bank ReliaCard will be in use once it has been active and loaded up with the money. Keep in mind that it’s not an actual credit card.

After funds have been loaded into account ReliaCard account, you’ll be able to make purchases such as placing online orders, pay for bills buy items, mail-order purchases, etc. Certain merchants that are participating offer cashback promotions for you U.S. Bank ReliaCard. When you shop or cashback is added, the funds automatically get added or deducted to your account.

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How Do I Use and Activate Card after Receiving it?

It will take two business days to allow U.S. Bank to mail your ReliaCard after they have received the data from the states participating. The card will arrive within 7-10 working days since U.S. Bank will send the card using mail. The card will be delivered to your address in the form of a ” plain, white, windowed envelope”.

If you do not receive the card within the stated period, it is worth going to this U.S. Bank ReliaCard website. Hit the ” Card Tracker button or go here.

  • You must select an option in the dropdown menu. (Some of the possibilities include: Kansas Department of Labor, DC Department of Employment Services, North Carolina Unemployment, Iowa Department of Workforce Development, State of Delaware Division of Unemployment Insurance, Maine Department of Labor, Texas Workforce Commission, Idaho Department of Labor, Louisiana Workforce Commission, Michigan Unemployment, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and many more)
  • Enter your birth date in MM/DDor YYYYY format.
  • Enter you with your Social Security Number.
  • Then, click then the ” Submitbutton.

NOTE: As per the official website, ” Card status tracker is only available to limited programs”. If you do not see your program on the list, you can get in touch with U.S. Bank.

Now that your U.S. Bank ReliaCard has arrived, you need to access the link to activate it. Follow the instructions following to enable the U.S. Bank ReliaCard –

  • Visit the official activation page –
  • Enter the 16-digit card’s number and then click”Continue. ” Continue” button.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen in order to finish the activation procedure.

You are also able to activate the ReliaCard via the mobile app.

  • Go to the Play Store as well as the App Store on your Android as well as the iOS device.
  • Use the U.S. Bank ReliaCard and install the application.
  • Sign in with the login details for access to your account.
  • Click “ Setup Online Access/ Activate New Card“.
  • If prompted, create a password.
  • Verify that your password includes an uppercase letter or number, as well as lower case letters and a unique character.

The card has been active. In certain cases, the funds have already been transferred to the card prior to you receive your ReliaCard. It’s your state-based participating agency that is responsible for releasing funds. A great way for you to remain informed about your balance, as well as other information, is to sign up yourself into Alerts.

 Ways to Check Your U.S. Bank ReliaCard Balance

Your card is activated at The government agency has loaded your account with funds. How do you know if your balance is still in the right place?

Below, we provide four ways to verify the balance of your U.S. Bank ReliaCard balance.

  1. Online: The online method is the simplest and fastest method to check your credit balance on your credit card. Simply visit the official website and sign in with your account’s user ID and password.
  2. Mobile Banking app: You can check the balance of the mobile app for banking.
  3. Text/Email: Sign up and be notified when money is added, or removed.

ATM It’s a different method to verify your balance.

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