Best Credit Cards on the Market-2021

Best Cash Back Credit Cards

“Flat” Cash Back (Same Rebate Percentage on All Purchases):

  • Wells Fargo Active Cash Visa The card offers percentile “flat” cash back, that is, you will receive an identical 2% cashback for each purchase made that you make with the card. In addition, you’ll be able to receive a bonus as an incoming cardholder, something the majority of other 2% credit cards don’t provide. (Right this moment, the bonus is $200 if spend more than $1000 with the card within the first three months following opening your account.Best Credit Cards on the Market
  • Ci-ti Double Cash – 2.2 “flat” cash back, that is, you earn an identical 2% cashback for every purchase you make that you make using the card. There is no annual cost.
  • Sofia Credit Card Earn 2% cashback on all purchases. However, only if you put your earnings into the Soft account. There is no annual fee and there are there are no foreign transaction fees.
  • Other 2 “flat” cash back credit cards: Fidelity Visa, PayPal Cashback Maste

Best Credit Cards on the Market-2021

Cash Back Card with Advanced Purchasing Categories:

  • Ci-ti Custom Cash – Receive cash back of 5% in the category you spend the most money each bill cycle (on the amount of $500 worth of purchases made in this category) or 1 percent cash back in other categories. There is no annual cost.
  • Capital One Savor One Card – 3 percent cash back on groceries, meals as well as entertainment and the majority of streaming services, and 1 percent elsewhere. No annual fees.
  • Blue Cash Privilege by American Express – 6 percent cash back on food and streaming services, 3% on gas and transportation, and 1% on other services. No annual fees the in the beginning, but $95 each year thereafter.
  • Blue Cash every day from American Express – 3 percent cash back on grocery purchases 2 percent on gas and at some department stores, and 1 percent elsewhere. There is no annual fee.
  • United States Bank Altitude-go Cash rewards of 4% back on dining expenses as well as 2% cash back on gasoline, groceries and streaming services and 1% everywhere else. There is no annual fee.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited Cash back of 3% on dining establishments and at drugstores as well as 5% on Chase’s own travel site and 1.5 percent on any other purchase. No annual fees.
  • Chase Freedom Flex – Earn cash-back of 5% on purchases in specific categories that change each quarter in the calendar. Additionally, you can earn 3% off dining out, 3% at pharmacies, 5% on Chase’s own travel site as well as 1% at other places. No annual fees.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union More Rewards American Express Card – Cash back of 3% in restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations. 1 percent elsewhere. There is no annual fee. You must be a member of the credit union.
  • Navy Federal Flagship Rewards Earn 3 percent cash back on travel and 2 percent everywhere else. There is a fee for each year of $49. It is required to be a member this credit union.
  • US Bank Cash+ – Receive cash back 5% in your two preferred purchase categories from the list US Bank provides, then you’ll earn 2% cash back on the purchase of groceries, gas or dining out. 1% back anywhere else. No annual fees.
  • Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards – Earn cash rewards of 3% in a category of purchase you choose, 2 percent at stores that sell groceries and wholesales and 1% in other places. No annual fees.
  • Find it Get 5 percent cash back on purchases made in specific categories that change each quarter of the calendar. All other purchases earn percent. There is no annual fee.
  • Not to be missed: Verizon Visa, Apple Card, Venom Credit Card

Best Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards are more difficult to rank than cash back cards because there are many different types of travelers in terms of budget, frequency of travel, loyalty to an airline/hotel, perks desired, etc. Cards have a wide range of annual fees as well. That said, here are cards worth looking at:

Luxury Travel Credit Cards (Big Perks & Big Annual Fee):

Best Credit Cards on the Market-2021

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred – This annual $95 fee card has recently increased their rewards (including 3 points for every dollar spent on eating out and 5/10x on all travel bookings made via the travel portal of Chase) and makes it more appealing as a daily credit card. It’s still probably the most appealing but as the base for a wider plan of getting several Chase cards and using points to pay at a premium of 25% using Chase’s travel booking portal or to gain accessibility to Chase Travel Transfer partners such as United, Southwest, Wyatt, Marriott and more. Additionally, the card offers an incredible 100,000-point bonus (worth at around $1000) for cardholders who are brand new.
  • American Express Gold Card It’s a sort of a hybrid card , in that its rewards for everyday use aren’t particularly focused on travel and it also offers points to its Membership Rewards Program which the majority of users redeem to earn travel rewards. This card is subject to the annual cost of $250 and a variety of points-earning opportunities as well as perks/credits like 4 points for every dollar spent on food purchases as well as dining out. You’ll need to conduct the math to determine whether it’s a good fit with your spending habits.
  • Capital One Venture Rewards offers 2 points per dollar of all purchases. It also has an annual cost of $95. We weren’t a big fan of this card because the points are basically the same as cash-back which means you had to pay $95 for what amounts to a two percent cash-back card in contrast to other annual-fee-free cash cards with 2% interest available. We haven’t yet completely gotten about to Capital One in the travel area, they have partnered with certain airline partners that will let you transfer points earned from this card to the programs in order to receive more worth for the points. In addition, as of time, the card offers a the benefit of 60,000 points, which can make the annual charge less difficult to swallow at least for the initial year.
  • The US Bank Altitude Connect The US Bank Altitude Connect is a hybrid card, which offers rewards for purchases made on travel however it could be more appealing to use it for cash back than any other. What you get is 5 points for every dollar (5 percent if you redeem it to cash back) on hotel and car rentals on US Bank’s US Bank travel booking site and four points for every dollar for other travel-related purchases 4 points per dollar for gas, 2 points for food items and streaming services. One point for every dollar elsewhere. Also included is the credit for streaming services of $30 as well as credit for streaming services and TSA PreCheck as well as a Global Entry card when you make use of the card to buy the items. The first year, there is no annual cost. year, and then the annual fee is $95 every year thereafter.

Airline-Specific & Hotel-Specific Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards on the Market-2021

  • All major airlines and hotels have decent credit card options, and often many card choices. The points or miles earned from hotels-specific or airline-specific cards aren’t as flexible as the points you earn from the cards mentioned above. However, if you already have loyalty to the hotel or airline chain that you have traveled with this could be a fantastic way get more rewards or achieve “status” with these travel businesses to make your flights and hotel stay more pleasurable. Follow the links below to find credit cards offered by Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Blue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Wyatt Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Hammond Hotels, Choice Hotels, CHG Hotels


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