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  • In our guide we have selected the top rewards credit cards at any given moment are going to consider the following aspects: everyday rewards, bonuses for new cardholders as well as extra bonuses and credits, and the annual cost of the card (if there’s one). Below are our reward credit card recommendations for the month of March:
    • Wells Fargo Active Cash A simple reward formula: 2.2% cashback on every purchase you make using the card. No annual fees. Although there are 2percent “flat” cash-back credit cards available The one that is currently winning due to its possible new cardholder reward of $200.
    • Citi Custom Cash Card This credit card that rewards you offer you 5percent cashback in the category of spending where you make the most spending each month, as well as 1 percent cashback across other categories. Spending categories with a potential 5% include gas stations, restaurants grocery stores, and select travel, as well as select transit, certain streaming services such as drugstores, home-improvement stores, fitness clubs as well as live shows. Be aware that the cashback of 5% is limited to 500 dollars in purchases within that category.
    • If you are able to make a large purchase within one of these categories, only the first $500 will be eligible for the 5% cashback. There is no annual fee. Also comes with a $200 bonus chance to new customers.

Best Rewards Credit Cards-2021


  • Capital One SavorOne Reward Cashback credit cards give the user a 3 percent discount across a range of categories, such as restaurant, grocery stores entertainment purchases, as well as the majority of streaming services. 1percent back on all other purchases. There is no annual cost. Bonus opportunity of $200.
  • Blue Cash Privilege by American Express – offers 6% cashback on grocery purchases (on an amount of up to $6,000 per year, not including Walmart nor Target) as well as 6 percent cash in cashback for streaming service, and 3% off transit and gas, and everywhere else. A new cardholder benefit can reach $350 (see the website for more details). Amex alters bonuses often). A per-year fee of $95 is worth it if you spend more than $3200 in the cash-back 6% categories.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred In truth the card is good for rewards on a daily basis, However, for as long as it offers an initial 100,000 points bonus to newly registered cardholders (worth a minimum $1000 cash-back and possibly more if it is used to travel) It is a must to be sure to include it in this list. You must spend $4000 over the course of three months to receive that bonus. For daily rewards, you’ll earn only 2 points for every dollar you spend on dining and travel. You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar elsewhere. 
  • It’s important to remember the fact that it is typically utilized as a way to access Chase’s best travel rewards, which means you have access to travel transfer partners such as United, Southwest, Hyatt, and more. You may use your points on Travel portals offered by Chase (run through Expedia) and enjoy the benefit of a 25% increase in the value of the points (each point is a value of 1.25 cents). Another thing to keep in mind is the card’s annual fee of $95.
  • US Bank Cash+ Visa Cashback credit card offers cashback of 5% in two categories of your choice. You can also get a cashback of 2% in a different category of your choosing in addition to every other purchase getting a cashback of 1. 
  • The potential spending categories for 5% cashback include TV/Internet/Streaming Services, Cell Phone Providers, Home Utilities, Furniture Stores, Electronics Stores, and 7 other category options. The other 2% categories include Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, and Restaurants. Be aware that there is a limit on those categories at $2000 per calendar quarter. all spending in these categories over $2000 will earn you 1percent. There is no annual cost. A new cardholder can get a bonus offer of $150.
  • Navy Federal More Rewards Navy Federal More Rewards (Note that you need to be able to be a member of Navy Federal Credit Union to receive this credit card.) You’ll earn nice rewards for everyday purchases using this NFCU card 3 points for every dollar (equivalent to 3percent cashback) on grocery purchases as well as restaurant and gasoline purchases, and other transportation purchases. 1 point for every dollar spent on all other purchases. There is no annual fee. 
  • The last time we checked, a 15,000-point ($150) bonus for new cardholders was on offer. (NFCU alters bonus offers often Be sure to verify the current offers if you’re looking to purchase this particular card.)
  • Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Although it’s not as robust as some of the other cards listed on this checklist, the main advantage is that you earn 3% cash back in the category you choose, and one of them can be “online shopping,” an area that credit cards elsewhere do not have. 
  • Beyond the 3% option category, you’ll get 2% cashback in wholesale and grocery stores as well as 1% anywhere else. It is important to note that there is a limit of $2500 per quarter on the 3% and categories.
  • That means that if you make more than $2500 in these categories in a calendar month, every purchase after $2500 earns only 1percent. This card comes with no annual fees. Cardholders who are new to the card can earn a bonus of $200.
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Best Rewards Credit Cards FAQs

What is the best credit card for rewards?

The best credit card for rewards will vary depending on what benefits are most important to you. Do you want airline or hotel points with a specific brand or more flexible rewards? Are you willing to pay a high annual fee? That said, if you are looking for a flexible travel rewards card, consider the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. A card like the Sapphire Preferred has a flexible rewards currency that you can use to purchase tickets on any airline or rooms at any hotel available in the Chase travel portal or to transfer to many airline and hotel partners.

What is a rewards credit card?

A rewards credit card allows you to earn cashback or points with your purchases. When you use the card, you will receive a certain number of points per dollar you spend. You may also receive a welcome bonus when you are approved for the card and spend a specified amount within a period of time.

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