Citicards Reviews and Rankings

Below, we’ll rank the top Credit cards that are branded by Citi (Citicards) and offer an overview of each card to help determine which (if there is one) is best for you. It is important to note that we have listed the secured and student Citi cards near the bottom of the list in an additional section, since they’re designed for specific categories of cardholders. We haven’t included any co-brand cards from Citibank like Costco credit cards. Costco credit cards or the cards issued by American Airlines.Citicards Reviews 

Citicards Reviews and Rankings

Citi Double Cash Card The most popular Citicard provides you with cashback of 2% on all purchases however, you receive the 2% in a way that isn’t conventional that is 1% cash back on the day you purchase, then one cent cash back once you make your purchase. There is no annual fee. Who it’s for: If you are looking for a cash-back card that doesn’t need you to track the various categories of spending in order to maximize your earnings Start with this page.

Citi Prestige Card 

Citi Prestige Card The HTML0 Citi Prestige Card is Citi’s premium travel credit card. That means it has a very high annual fee , but also a plethora of benefits. The annual cost is $495, however, perks include a travel credit of $250 every year, access to over 1,000 lounges in airports and a free 4th night accommodation when booking four consecutive nights in an identical hotel as well as other. Additionally, you earn ThankYou points. They are 5 points for every dollar spent on meals and travel as well as three points for every dollar on the hotel or cruise ship and 1 point for every dollar spent for everything else. There is a 50,000-point reward opportunity available to cardholders who are new. Who it’s for: Anyone that is able to take advantage of the offer of a free night on 4th and $250 travel credit could be interested in this card, particularly with the generous points available on dining and travel. If you aren’t able to make the most of the 4th night for free or use all your travel credit, the annual fee of the card may not be worth it.

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Citi Premier Card 

Citi Premier Card This rewards card is hybrid that has an emphasis on travel, but also a host of benefits for the average person who is looking for rewards. It comes with an annual fee of $95 and attempts to justify the annual cost with increased points earning as well as a dazzling new bonus offered to cardholders. It gives you 3 points for every dollar spent on travel and purchases at gas stations, 2 points per dollar for eating out and entertainment, and 1 point on all other transactions. A bonus of 60, 000 points that could amount to $750 when you redeem those points on the Citi ThankYou Travel portal. (All points earned with this card receive an increase of 25% when applied to travel this manner.) Who is it for: If you often spend a lot of money on gas and travel specifically, and the bonus of 25% points for travel redemptions appeals for you, then this credit card will make sense. Otherwise, opt for no-annual-fee cards.

Citi Rewardsand Card 

Citi Rewardsand Card The no-annual-fee card gives you 2 points per dollar at gas stations, and 1 point per dollar in other places. These rewards seem a little small, but they get a boost in two ways. The first is that the card rounds up every purchase to the closest 10 points, which will provide you with a bit more in reward points. This is especially beneficial for small purchases. (For instance the cost of a $3 cup of coffee will be worth 10 points instead three.) The additional points bonus comes from the fact that you can get 10% of points you redeem refunded to you, the upmost 100,000 points that you redeem every year. However, the card will be able to compete with the majority of the best rewards cards in the market with these round-ups, and point rebates make it more difficult to comprehend exactly what you’re likely to earn in rewards. What’s it for: If you have a large number of purchases less than $10 using the card and you can justify this card, however, it’s not easy to argue for it.

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Citi Simplicity Card

Citi Simplicity Card The no-annual-fee Citi card is scam, so beware. It provides the benefit of zero interest on purchases for 12 consecutive months, as well as a zero-interest rate on balances that you transfer to different credit card up to 21 consecutive months. But, there are two major caveats in relation to transfer of balances is concerned. One, you are charged one-time fees of five percent of the balance you transfer to this card this is a substantial cost when compared with the rest other credit cards in the businesses. If you do transfer a balance to enjoy the 21 months of low rate, make sure to not use the card for any new purchases following the first 12 months. If you do your 0% interest rate in essence is gone and you’ll be charging interest on the transfer balance.

This card’s “Simplicity” branding on this card isn’t referring to the non-simple balance-transfer rule, but rather is a reference to the fact that there aren’t any fees for late payment charges as well as there’s no “penalty rate” if you are in a hurry to pay, also. There are no rewards on this card. What it’s for: If you have to transfer your balance with a zero cost, then the 21-month deal is among the top offers available. If you are prone to the habit of paying your bills in a couple of days behind and you don’t have to pay more.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card

Citi Diamond Preferred Card The card is basically the identical to the Simplicity card with regards to its interest-free rate of 0% of balance transfer for 21 month and an interest-free rate on purchase for 12 month, with the same limitations (5 percent fee for balance transfers and a deceitful balance transfer offers that begin with a 12 month interest charge when you make a purchase using this card). The only difference is that you could have a lower interest rate on this card, but you will not receive a discount on late payments , as Simplicity. Simplicity card. There’s no annual fees. There are no Rewards. What it’s intended for: Hard to describe, actually. It’s too similar to it’s sibling, the Simplicity card.

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Others Citi credit cards

Citi Secured MasterCard

Citi Secured MasterCard – This credit card is designed for people who wish to establish credit histories. If you’ve been rejected for other credit cards because of a poor credit history or a limited credit score, getting a credit card such as this one could be a boon. You have to pay a security deposit in order to secure the card. You then get a credit limit equivalent to the deposit. (Example of a $500 deposit equals 500 credit line for the credit card.) The card is used just like every other card, and make the monthly bill payments. In time, this can aid in building credit, if you can make your payments punctually. There is no annual cost is great as most secured cards charge annual charges. Be aware that the security deposit is refunded in the event that you do not want the card, provided you’ve paid off the balance on the card in total. Who is it for: People who require a stronger credit rating to get approved for normal, unsecured credit cards.

Citi Rewards+ Student Card 

Citi Rewards+ Student Card We are not awestruck by the standard Citi Rewards+ Card that is designed for the non-student market, we prefer more the rewards+ Student Card more since it compares very well with other student credit cards. (There are a small number of cards designed specifically intended for the needs of students.) It gives 2 points per dollar in gas stations and supermarkets, and 1 point for every dollar else. Its “round up” feature gives you an extra increase in points by rounding each transaction to the closest 10 points, making this card ideal for small purchases. (For instance the purchase of a $3 cup coffee will earn you 10,010 points.) There’s no annual cost. Who it’s for: College students, who generally don’t be eligible as a candidate for “regular” credit cards but may be eligible for student credit cards that have slightly less options.

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