How to Activate Citi Bank Credit and Debit Card?

How to Activate Citi Bank Credit and Debit Card?


Credit and Debit Card If you love to shop or plan to go on vacation often, Citi bank has covered you with the Citi Credit Card as well as a Debit Card. The broad range of Citi cards has special features that allow you to do much more than simply swipe them to buy items and services. These Citi Credit Cards and Debit Cards will reward you for everything you do whether it’s eating out, shopping, films, purchasing air tickets, or booking hotels. If it’s your first time using the Citi Credit Card or Citi Debit Card then you’ll want to understand how to activate the cards. In this tutorial, you will be taught ways to make sure you activate your Citi Debit Card as well as your Credit Card quickly. Activate Citi Bank Credit 

Activate Citi Bank

Guide to Activate Citi Credit Card and Debit Card

The process of activating Citi Credit Card and Debit Card provides users with a variety of benefits and rewards compared to transactions in cash. Cashback, Rewards Points, no-cost EMIs, great discounts, and more. Some of the benefits you will take advantage of when using Citi Credit or Debit Cards. For activating the benefits of your Citi Credit and Debit Card There are three options you can go about it. They are: Activate Citi Bank Credit 

  • Citibank Card Activation By SMS
  • Citibank Card Activation Online
  • Citibank Card Activation By Citi Mobile App

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Citibank Card Activation By SMS

If you want to activate the features of your Citibank Credit Card or Debit Card by SMS, you should follow the instructions below.

  1. Utilizing your mobile number you’ll be required to text an activated message to Citibank.
  2. The activation code you have to send via your mobile number: “ACT!”.
  3. Once you’ve made an email on your mobile then you must transmit it to 6058. Activate Citi Bank Credit 
  4. Once you’ve transmitted the message via your phone, you’ll receive a call by Citi Bank immediately on your phone number, advising the user that their Citi Bank Credit or the debit card has been successfully activated.


  • Check that the number you provide to activate the card Citi Bank Credit Card or Debit Card is linked to that Citi Bank account for which you’re activating the card.
  • It should be noted that this method for activating the Citi Bank Credit or Debit Card is only available to the country in which your account is established.

Citibank Credit and Debit Card Activation Online

If you want your Citibank Credit Card or Debit Card to be activated, you can do so via Citibank Credit Card or Debit Card via the Citi Mobile App, you will need to follow the instructions below.

  1. You’ll need to start to download your Citi Mobile Application from Play Store (for Android users) as well as Apple Store (for iOS users) on your mobile device.
  2. After downloading your Citi Mobile App from your preferred app store, you’ll have to open the app on your mobile device and then log in using credentials from your Citi Mobile login credentials.
  3. When you log in to Your Citi Mobile app, Citi Bank will notify you through SMS or Email. The card’s status will be updated immediately in the Citi Mobile app.
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Note: This method of activating your Citi Bank Debit and Credit Card is only valid to international and domestic customers.

Citi Bank Credit Card and Debit Card Activation with Citibank Online

Another option you can activate your credit or debit card is via Citibank Online. To learn the steps to activate your Citi Bank Credit or Debit Card with Citibank Online, follow the steps below. Citibank Online method, follow the steps below.

  1. For activation of the Citi Bankcard, you must first log into Citibank Online at by using your username and password.
  2. Once you’ve authenticated your account with the login credentials, you’ll have to select”Services/My profile” from the ” Credit and Debit Card option.
  3. You will then be required to click on then on the “Card activation” option and select your card’s name to activation.
  4. Then you will get a message from Citi on your mobile phone as well as via email. It will inform customers that their credit card was changed when you log into your Citibank online account.
  5. This method to activate the Citi Bank Credit Card and Debit Card is applicable for international and domestic activation.

    Citi Bank Credit/Debit Card Activation Online

Another method you can activate your Citibank Credit or Debit card is to go to the activate Your Card page on the Citi Bank websites. All you have to do is go to the Activate Your Card page on your browser, type in the card number you want to be activated in the field, and then click”Continue”. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Citi Bank credit or debit card.

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Assistance in activating Your CitiBank Debit Card or Credit Card

Although the methods above in activating the Citibank debit Card or Credit Card can help you should always contact Citi Bank Customer Care if you’re unable to get the Citi card. Here are the methods to reach Citi Bank customer support for assistance.

Citibank Online

On Citibank Online, customers are able to quickly send and receive messages regarding all your questions regarding activation of your card and other related inquiries in just a few steps.

  • Simply sign into Citibank Online using your Username and Password.
  • After you have registered, go to the Services section using the Blue bar. go through My Account > My Inbox > Messages > Enter your OTP to continue.
  • Select ” Compose Email,” select the right topic for your message and then enter the details about your inquiry. After that, click submit.
  • There will be a message via Citi Bank customer support through the secure messaging system within Citibank Online. Simply click the Inbox option on the left navigation menu to look up the response.

Citi Bank Customer Support Phone Number

You can also get help with your queries by calling the following telephone numbers:

  • (84 28) 3521 1111 (For Enquiries, Submitting a Complaint, a Compliment or General Feedback)
  • (84 28) 3521 1118 (When you call from Overseas)
  • (84 28) 3521 1088 (For Dedicated Citigold Hotline Number)

These are the steps you can take to quickly start activating for activation of your Citi Bank Credit Card or Debit Card. If you require assistance regarding Citi Card activation, you may contact this Citibank customer support number listed above.

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