Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction

Foreign transaction fees are not a good idea and make no sense. It’s not costing the merchant any money to allow you to make purchases with your credit card outside within in the United States. Yet, many insist on charging a 3.3% cost for international transactions even if your credit card doesn’t have any annual fees.Credit Cards with

However, not all credit cards! Here’s the list of credit card that don’t have an annual fee and do not have to pay the notorious fees for foreign transactions. We’ve put together our picks for the top cards first, but any can be used for the purpose:

Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction

  • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card Credit card with a generous rewards program that has no annual cost as well as no foreign exchange fee. The rewards include three points for every dollar spent on dining out including travel and transportation (from the airport to gas stations to ride-sharing) and streaming services and one point for every dollar for all other purchases.
  • MasterCard Cashback PayPal The best credit card is supposed to advertise its non-existence of foreign transaction fee However, it is hidden within the small print. This is a shame, as it’s among our top cards from this list. You’ll get 2% cashback on all your purchases which is a bonus that’s difficult to beat. Earnings are transferred to you PayPal account, and you can choose to make use of the funds or transfer them into your regular bank account. As with all of these cards, there is no annual cost. Issued by Synchrony Bank.
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  • Capital One Quicksilver Card – Capital One does not charge foreign transaction charges on one one of its credit cards, something that we are grateful for. This card is most likely the most popular, as it offers an unbeatable 1.5 percent cash back on each purchase.
  • Bank of America Travel Rewards Card earn 1.5 points for every dollar you charge to the card. You can then use your points towards purchase of travel items at a penny per point rate. For instance 10,000 points earned is the equivalent of a $100 credit for travel expenses made using the card. Also, keeping with the theme of travel there are no foreign transaction charges.
  • Wyndham Rewards Visa The hotel rewards credit card does not have an annual cost and also no charges for foreign transactions. Earn points with Hammond Rewards Visa Hammond loyalty program with every purchase. (Note that there’s a variant of this card with an annual cost and higher rewards, but be cautious when you’re not interested in the annual cost.) Issued by Barclay-card.
  • Amazon Visa A great rewards card for Amazon avid users, which seems to be the majority nowadays. You can earn a 3% cash rebate for Amazon purchases (or 5 percent for those who are already an Amazon Prime customers) as well as 2% back on purchases at gas stations and drug stores and 1% cash back on other purchases. No fees are charged on foreign transactions. Issued by Chase.
  • Hilton Honors American Express Card The card is free of annual fees. Hilton Hotels credit card has no foreign transaction charges and a wide range of Hilton points-earning opportunities.
  • Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus MasterCard Another great credit card that gives you 1.8 percent cashback on every item you buy , and there are no foreign transaction charges.
  • Capital One Venture One Rewards Card This travel credit card grants you 1.25 “miles” per dollar that is charged to the card each point equaling one penny when used towards your travel expenses. Example: 10,000 points equals $100. (Note this: Capital One also offers a Venture Rewards card, but it has an annual cost make sure you select the correct card.)
  • Jet Blue MasterCard The no-annual-fee version of this famous credit card for airlines has no foreign transaction charges and a wide range opportunities to earn opportunities for earning JetBlue frequent-flyer miles.
  • Capital One Savor One Card Rewards credit card designed for those who love food comes with no annual fees and there are no fees for foreign transactions. Earn percent cash back on entertainment and dining out purchases as well as 2 percent cash back on groceries and cash back of 1% on all other purchases.
  • Expedia Rewards Credit Card If you’re an avid user of Expedia for booking your travel and rewards cards, this one with no foreign transaction charges could be beneficial. There’s no annual cost and the chance to earn 3 points for every dollar spent on Expedia reservations and 1 point per dollar anywhere and everywhere else. (Note the value of each point, which is around 0.71 cents, which means that 1000 points equals $7.10 in real value.)
  • United TravelBank Card This credit card that has no annual fee that is issued by United Airlines and Chase has no foreign transaction fee however, don’t confuse it with similar United credit cards with annual charges. This card doesn’t even earn United Mileage-plus miles. Instead it earns you 2% Travel Bank dollars for United purchases as well as 1.5 percent return on other purchases. The Travel-bank dollars can be used as cash to purchase United purchases. While it’s not an awful rewards program, you’re limited to redeeming your points on United purchases however, it is just a cash back card that has a lower formula than other cash back cards that are available. ( Compare other cash back cards here.)
  • Capital One Platinum MasterCard Although the name implies a high-end look but it’s intended for “average” credit customers who are either not able to establish a credit history or have experienced troubles with credit previously. It’s a 25.74 percent interest rate, and does not offer reward points. However, there is there is no annual fee and there are no foreign transaction fees.
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