Easy Steps for Straight Talk Activate on straighttalk.com

Easy Steps for Straight Talk Activate on straighttalk.com


Easy Steps for Straight Talk Straight Talk is an American mobile phone that is prepaid and no-contract service that was developed in partnership with TracFone as well as Walmart. There are two plans offered by Straight Talk which users can select from. The first plan costs priced at $30 and is referred to by”The “All You Need” plan and the other is $45 and the Unlimited plan is available for smartphones. This “All You Need” plan provides around 1,000 minutes over 30 days. The Unlimited Plan provides unlimited data, calls, and texts. If you have purchased any one of these plans and are looking to activate it, you can find the complete information on activating a Straight Talk plan at straighttalk.com/activate using the phone of your choice.Easy Steps for Straight Talk

Easy Steps for Straight

Table of Contents

Guide to Activate Straight Talk at straighttalk.com/activate

1. Select Your Phone

Be sure to check your Service Area Map on the Straight Talk website

  • It is always recommended to first review the map of service areas for Straight Talk on their website. This is crucial as it will let you know which phone numbers that you can make use of for these plans within the area you live in.
  • On your computer, open a web browser and Go to www.straighttalk.com/wps/portal/home/h/coverage/servicearea/.
  • TracFone is well-known for its use of services from the Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T networks to provide service. So, the service providers and phones can help you find out their coverage within your region. However, before that, you’ll need to select a device you already have or want to buy from the list.
  • If you want to make use of your phone it is listed you are able to make use of it using Straight Talk. To do this you’ll be required to be able to unlock the handset that you use with another cellphone plan. In order to do this, you’ll be required to contact your current wireless provider and request permission to unblock your device.
  • However, If you’re looking to buy an unlocked phone through Straight Talk’s Straight Talk website, you can choose one of the phones from the phone list available in your local area.Easy Steps for Straight Talk
  • Furthermore, if you’d like to purchase an unlocked phone, like the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, purchase it from Walmart or any other third-party website.
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Note: Walmart offers a bundle of used phones that comes with the 30-day Unlimited plan of Straight Talk. If you’re looking to buy a used phone, go to a local Walmart or purchase it on Walmart.com.

2. Buying Your SIM Card

Verify if your phone is compatible on a CDMA and GSM Network

  • When you purchase the SIM card, it’s recommended to check if the Straight Talk compatible phone you purchased works with CDMA and GSM networks. In the majority of cases it depends on the type of phone you are using and the wireless service provider you are using.


  • phones that are compatible with the CDMA network will usually include the letter “C” in the model number.
  • phones that operate on GSM networks generally include a letter “G” in the model number.

Purchase the Activation Pack from Walmart

  • If you are looking to activate your service quicker It is recommended to visit Walmart to purchase the Straight Talk activation pack (SIM Card and Plan). This is since Walmart has been the sole official distributor of the Straight Talk activation pack.
  • If you’re looking to purchase a Straight Talk activation pack from another site like eBay You should be aware that they’re usually sold as a resale item.
  • If you own a smartphone like iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4 and 4S, it is important to remember that these phones need the use of a micro SIM and not a normal SIM.

Purchase a SIM card on the TracFone website.

  • On your computer, open a web browser, Go to www.straighttalk.com/wps/portal/home/shop and select the SIM Cards” option from the drop-down list.
  • Then, follow the screen instructions to purchase the CDMA as well as the GSM SIM card.
  • If you’d like to, you may also choose to purchase a service card, which will be delivered to you. Alternately, you can decide to wait and select an option on the website before activating it.
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3. Activating Your Plan

Find you the Red Activation Card that you have with the SIM card

  • In order at activating your account first locate the activation card in red that came along with the SIM card. The activation card has the serial number that you have to enter instead of your phone’s old serial number in the activation procedure.
  • If you buy the activation kit at Walmart it is possible that you have purchased a $45 or $30 account for your service. If you don’t have an account with a service plan you can purchase one at the time of activation.
  • Once you have purchased and received your SIM card, you will need to go to the straighttalk.com/activate page on your web browser and then click on the “Continue” option to begin the process.
  • Following that, you’ll be required to enter your Serial Number. Below are the various numbers you’ll require according to the type of phone you have
    • If you purchased your phone through TracFone then you will have to input the MEID/IMEI numbers on the activation card that is red.
    • This is because if own a previous phone, however, you have purchased a TracFone SIM card You will have to input the last 15 digits on the brand new SIM card.
    • If you bought the iPhone via Walmart or through the Straight Talk website, you have to enter your MEID.
  • Then, you’ll have to input the ZIP code for your primary home.
  • You will then be required to enter then enter your Code of Service when you’ve bought the 30-day or $45-month plan. If you want to buy the plan at the time of the activation process, you’ll have to select the option to purchase credit cards.
  • Since it is required to open an account to facilitate the payment of your bill and you will need to enter your credit card information and select the plan you want to use If you haven’t already registered a Service PIN. Then, you must acknowledge the conditions and terms.
  • If you arrive at that confirmation webpage, you’ll have to insert the SIM card. After that, you will have to wait for a few hours or two days until the mobile service will allow your phone to be activated.
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These are the steps that you’ll be required to take to enable the Straight Talk feature on the phone.

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