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Family Entertainment Looking for family entertainment such as Hazel, Father Knows Best, and T.J. Hooker? Perry Mason, Maude Lassie, Bewitched, Hazel, and Maude Mason are all available. 

You can watch your favorite shows by subscribing to the FETV satellite or cable network. Family Entertainment Television (FETV), is known for its classic and inspiring programs that are suitable for all ages Family Entertainment. 

Real Family Entertainmen

You can stream these programs by downloading FETV from Roku. Learn how to stream popular TV shows from the 1950s through the 1990s, including Matlock, Bewitched, and The Lone Ranger.

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Do you see the FETV on Roku or?

“I would love to know if Roku plans to add tv channels to their lineup.” One user, cgwjr, wrote that he would like to see a channel with MATLOCK and GUNSMOKE, BONANZA – free of charge. Family Entertainment. 

You won’t be surprised to see such questions if you visit the Roku community page. Another user, iflyuasea, wrote that he would also love to see FETV and GRIT TV added.

You must have it now. FETV is available on some of the most reputable satellite and cable TV services such as DISH Network channel 82 and Frontier Communications channel 323, Frontier Communications channel 155, and Spectrum (channel numbers may vary depending on market), FiOS channel 254, and AT&T U–Verse channel 578.

However, it will be difficult to access FETV via Roku. There is no official FETV app on the Roku Streaming platform Family Entertainment.

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You can still access these shows via your Roku device by using any of the satellite or cable TV providers. We will show you how to view FETV on Roku with Sling TV.

How to Watch FETV On Roku Via Sling TV

FETV can be streamed on Roku via Sling TV. FETV can be viewed on Sling TV if you subscribe to one of its packages (Sling Blue 30/ pm, Sling Blue + Orange 45/ pm, or Sling Orange 30/ pm). 

To understand how to watch your favorite shows on Roku, follow these steps.

  • Let’s get started by turning on your streaming device.
  • Use the remote control to press the Home button
  • You can go to the Search menu option. You will also see settings, streaming channels, my feed, and other options.
  • You can download Sling TV by entering it in the Roku Channel Store.
  • To add the channel to your Roku channel collection, tap ” +Add Channel” in the Movies & TV category.
  • If prompted, launch the channel and sign-up with Sling TV. Or you can activate using a unique code.
  • Now you can watch TV via Roku via Sling TV.

Technical Difficulties… Whom To Contact?

It’s a lovely Sunday evening. After finishing your meal, you are ready to start watching TV with your family. You suddenly experience technical difficulties. 

You should contact your satellite or cable provider in such situations. They can provide you with the best advice and solutions. The form below may be useful for Family Entertainment.

 You should first contact your cable or satellite provider.

It is technical so access the Report Technical Problems form. Fill it out with certain details.

  • Your Name
  • Your email
  • Contact Number (Optional).
  • Zip Code
  • Your Provider (DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, etc.)
  • Time/Date Issue Occurred
  • Additional Comments/Program Affected
  • After you have filled out the information, you might want to check the box ” Sign Up for the FETV E-Newsletter“. If you check the box, you give consent to receive marketing emails from Family Broadcasting Corporation, 61300 Ironwood Rd, South Bend, IN, 46614, US,
  • Click ” No, I’m not a robot “.
  • Click ” Send Message”
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You have sent your query. Your account will soon be verified. An expert will contact you shortly.

Here’s how to reach the team for general queries.

  • Click here to visit the General Questions
  • Enter Your NameContact Number (Optional), Your E-mail, and Comments/Inquiry.
  • If you want to receive marketing emails from Family Broadcasting Corporation, 61300 Ironwood Rd, South Bend, IN, 46614, US,  tick the checkbox “Sign up for the FETV e-Newsletter“. Use the SafeUnsubscribe link to revoke consent. The link will be at the bottom of your email.
  • Click on the ” No robot” button Family Entertainment.
  • Click ” Send Message”

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Real Family Entertainment FAQ

Can you get FETV on Roku?

You can stream FETV on Roku provided you already have an IPTV or satellite subscriber. The channel numbers for these platforms are: DISH Network – Channel number 85.
Are you able to watch FETV available on any streaming service?

Frndly TV announced today that FETV (Family Entertainment Television) will be being added to the channel lineup of the streaming service. Frndly TV now has 20 channels of family-friendly content that subscribers can access.  The brand new channel is the first milestone in the service streaming. FETV marks the 20th channel on the list
How can I get FETV?

FETV is available on the major satellite TV services and also on television networks that are cable-based across the nation. You can watch us in DirecTV channel 323, Dish Network channel 82, AT&T U-verse channel 578 as well as Comcast channel 88 (in some markets).
What exactly does FETV mean?

Family Entertainment Television
FETV (abbreviation of Family Entertainment Television) is an American satellite and cable television channel owned by Family Broadcasting Corporation.
What is the reason Wild Wild West departing Fetv?

An Presidential Commission attacked the levels of violence that are broadcast on television. The Wild Wild West was identified in the report as “one of the most violent” shows on the broadcast networks. All networks have took the decision to eliminate the shows that were most offensive off their schedules, which resulted in the show’s cancellation.
Does Spectrum Cable have Fetv?

SPECTRUM – FETV – Family Entertainment Television.

How do I contact Fetv?

If you’d like to know more information on advertising on FETV contact Ad Sales at (866) 678-4203. To inquire about program sales, please contact us via and a member of our sales team for programs will get in touch with you within a few hours to address your concerns.


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