Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards

Instant Approval Gas Credit Cards

Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card This annual fee-free cash-back card offers an excellent reward on gasoline purchases and other purchases too as it gives immediate approval for many applicants. If you’re approved you’ll receive the cashback of 3% (technically defined as 3 points for every dollar, with each point valued at one cent) for gas purchases and 3 percent off restaurants as well as hotels, flights streaming services, and much more. 1percent rebate on all other purchases.Instant Approval Gas 

Bank of America Cash Rewards Mastercard – “Get a response in as little as 60 seconds” to your request. The no-annual-fee credit card provides cashback of 3% on gas purchases and percent off grocery and wholesale club purchases — the purchase of up to $2500 within these categories every quarter. All purchases that go over the $2500 limit, as well as other purchases that aren’t related to food and gas and groceries, will earn 1percent cashback. (Note that technically, you are able to select other categories to earn cashback of 3% in the absence of gas, but since we’re talking about gasoline purchases here, it does not make sense to discuss more on that.)

instant approval gas credit cardsBlue Cash Everyday – This low annual cost American Express credit card offers cash back at 2% on purchases at U.S. gas stations as and 3% in U.S. supermarkets (on up to $6000 worth of purchases at supermarkets each year) and 2% at specific department stores, and 1% at all other locations. The text “Get an answer within 30 seconds” tells the instant decision is feasible.

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Blue Cash The card gives 3percent cash back on gasoline purchases using this card, however, it has an annual cost of $95. It’s an excellent card, in addition offering 6% cashback in U.S. supermarkets, 6 percent in streaming, percent cash back on public transportation (taxis or buses, Uber/Lyft) and other places 1. This card offers similar instant-approval capabilities similar to the card above.

Sam’s Club Mastercard You’ll need to be an existing Sam’s Club member to get this card, however in the event that you’re already a member, you’ll receive cash-back of 5% on gas purchases (on at least the initial $6000 of annual gas expenditures, and one percent rebate for anything above the limit of $6000). Also, you’ll receive the same 3% discount on dining and travel, 3 and 1% anywhere else. Instant approval is possible due to the $50 bonus for those who sign-up and then use it on that day.

Amazon Visa You’ll earn 2 points for every dollar you spend for gas purchases using the Amazon credit card, which usually offers immediate approval. You’ll also earn 3percent off Amazon purchases (or five percent if have already an Amazon Prime customer), 2percent at restaurants and 2% at pharmacies, and 1% anywhere other places. Rewards are awarded as points towards future purchases or to be used for cashback.

Walmart Credit Card Walmart Credit Card – Walmart MasterCard or Walmart credit card for stores promise you to “start earning rewards on purchases today upon approval.” If you’re instantly approved and you are able to immediately begin earning 5% back on and on Walmart grocery delivery and pickup purchases. You can also earn 2% back at Walmart stores as well as in addition to Walmart gas, at restaurants, and travel. The card will earn you 1% on other purchases.

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BP Credit Card – BP gas stations provide the BP Visa or BP-only credit card which you can utilize to receive BP gas rebates, and for the BP Visa, 3% cashback on your groceries, and cashback at 1% on everything else. It is possible to get an approval immediately, but it is not assured.

Citgo Credit Card The credit card is HTML0 “You may receive an instant response” when you apply for this gasoline station credit card which offers you a five-cent discount on each gallon of fuel bought with the card.

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