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Activate Your Card at


Activate Your Card Wirecard that has been changed to North Lane Technologies, Inc. is a processor of payments and financial services provider. It is a technology-based payments leader in overseeing employees, the customer as well as corporate payouts and payments across all of the Fortune 500. The company is involved in large-scale enterprise payments. While it’s highly customizable and designed for rapid deployment it is also a North Lane system is renowned for its high-end digital payments for prepaid and virtual accounts along with mobile wallets at a worldwide scale. If you have recently received a prepaid or any other card from Wireless, before you can use it for making purchases and payments, you will need to activate it on the page. To know how to activate your Wirecard card on the page, follow the instructions provided below.Activate Your Card

Activate Your Card at login

Guide to Activate Your Wireless Card on the Page

  1. To begin with, you will first need to open a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet, and navigate to the activation page of Wirecard card using the URL –
  2. If you enter the URL into the address area of the internet browser and click to open the page and click on the link, you will be redirected towards North Lane. North Lane page where you will find the following info.Activate Your Card

North Lane

The easiest method to pay

We are now North Lane Technologies, Inc.

Our commitment to you and our service to you via email

Go here for go there.

  1. On your North Lane webpage, you will have to choose the option Click Here to Redirect” alternative to be taken directly to the Wirecard activation page.
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NOTE: Alternatively, instead of entering the URL – in the address bar of your web browser, you can enter to get to the activation page.

  1. Once you are on the page for activation of North Lane on your web browser You will be asked to enter your card number as well as the Security Code in the field that is prompted. Enter the 16-digit card number and the security code of 3 digits in the appropriate fields on your screen, then click the Next button. button. You will then be taken onto the following screen.login-wirecard-com
  2. When you press the next button and you’ll be taken onto the following screen. you will likely be asked to supply additional personal details as well as card information to be verified.
  3. After you have filled in all the information required in the fields that are relevant to your screen, you’ll have to follow the screen instructions to complete the activation procedure.
  4. When you’ve completed the process of activating the Wirecard card, you’ll be in a position to use it for transactions and purchases.Activate Your Card

So, these are the steps that you will need to follow to activate your Wirecard card on the page. However, if you are unable to activate your Wirecard card on the page, you can contact the customer support team of North Lane by following the steps provided below.

Note: Before you try to reach Wirecard customer support to seek assistance, be sure to keep your card’s details in order in case you are asked to supply them with adequate assistance to address your issue.

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  • In the beginning, you’ll have to launch a web browser on your tablet, phone, or computer. Then, go to the homepage for North Lane using the URL
  • Once you have reached the home page for North Lane, you will have to scroll to the bottom and then click the CONTACT US option. this will lead you to the subsequent page.
  • On the next screen, you’ll need to scroll through various sections to locate the answer to your specific question.
  • You can also select alternatively, you can select the customer service option on the homepage. This will take you to the next screen, where you will be presented with an opportunity to request assistance via Customer Service Requests for Cardholders. The information you’ll be asked to enter includes your name, email or Email, Telephone Number and Mailing Address, as well as your Company Name, the last four digits of the card that you are holding, as well as a message.
  • After you have completed providing the necessary information in the appropriate fields Once you have completed the required fields, click the Send button.
  • Once you have pressed the button to send button after pressing the Send button, you can look through your email for an email to North Lane customer support to receive a solution to your issue.

And, this is how you can easily contact North Lane customer support to get assistance for the activation issue of your Wirecard card on the page.


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