Mortgage Rates Today

As as of the 9th of June, 2021 the average fixed 30-year rate was 2.99 percent. The average fixed rate for 15 years is 2.24 percent. Other important rates of current are shown in the following table:Mortgage Rates Today

Mortgage Rates Today

Mortgage Type Interest Rate
30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage 2.99%
20-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage 2.80%
15-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage 2.24%
10-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage 2.16%
7/1 ARM (Adjustable-Rate) 2.45%
5/1 ARM (Adjustable-Rate) 2.42%
30-Year FHA 2.55%
30-Year VA 2.71%
30-Year Jumbo 3.09%
15-Year Jumbo 2.29%

Fixed-rate mortgage rates continue to be in an uptrend over the last about six or seven weeks, following an incredibly high rate in 2021. They then settled down in the month of April.

However, mortgage rates remain at historic lows, with an average fixed-rate mortgage averaging less than 4 percent for more than two years. It’s still the perfect time to buy considering the current rates on mortgages but only if you are able to successfully acquire an apartment in today’s booming real property (seller’s) marketplace.


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