Plex Not Working On Roku; How to Fix

Plex Not Working On Roku; How to Fix


Plex Not Working Produced through Plex, Inc., Plex is a world-wide renowned streaming media service as well as a client-server software for media players. Its Plex Media Server famous for its ability to organize audio images, videos, and other media from the collection of user and online services and delivering these to players. Official and third-party client clients work on streaming boxes, mobile devices web apps, also smart TVs. However, while Plex has been proven to be reliable, and provides continuous service, if you find that Plex does not work on Roku it is possible to follow the steps below to resolve the issue.Plex Not Working 

Plex Not Working

Table of Contents

  • Guide to Fix “Plex Not Working On Roku” Issue
  • Check Your Wi-Fi Network
  • Check Plex Buffering Problems on Your Roku Device
  • Check if the Recent Updates are preventing Plex from loading
  • Check Plex Server Plex Not Working 

Guide to Fix “Plex Not Working On Roku” Issue

Check Your Wi-Fi Network

First, you be required to verify is whether the Wi-Fi connection in your office or home that the Roku device is connected to works correctly or not. Check that you’ve connected your device with the correct Wi-Fi SSID, and check if it is able to connect to the internet via this network. However, if you’re not able to do this it is a sign that you have a Plex Roku problem. If this is the situation, you’ll first have to resolve an issue with your internet provider.Plex Not Working 

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Note: Sometimes the issue can also arise when your Plex application isn’t allowed to connect to insecure sites. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are granted permission. To do this, you’ll have to visit the Advanced Options of your Plex Roku application and select it to set the “Allow Insecure Connections” option to always. Plex Not Working Once you have enabled this feature, you will solve streaming issues that are affecting your Plex Roku application. If this isn’t enough to resolve the issue then you’ll need to remove and install the Plex Roku application.

Check Plex Buffering Problems on Your Roku Device

If you’re experiencing buffering issues in your Plex application running on you Roku device, follow the suggestions below to solve these issues.

  • In the beginning it is necessary to access the settings area of the Roku Plex application.
  • When you are in the settings area of your Plex application, you’ll have to choose the Show Advanced option.
  • If you are in the Show Advanced section, you have to go to the Server section. In section. In the Server section, you’ll be required to select the Transcoder option and then switch to the option of using hardware acceleration.
  • If you’d like to deactivate Direct Play, you will have to visit the Settings section, and then select an option to toggle right next to Direct Play to disable it.
  • Another method of disabling Direct Play is via the Settings section in the Plex application, which is located on near the top. In the Settings section select the Debug option and then deactivate the Direct Play After that, select the “Save” Changes option.
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Check if Recent Updates are Stopping Plex from loading

If you’ve just updated the firmware on your Roku gadget to 9.0 version, then you might discover that the Plex application isn’t loading. If this is the situation, you can fix this issue by following the steps in the following article.

  • To start it is necessary to go to your Options option within the Plex application.
  • In the Settings section of the app, go to the SystemsSettings section. Click on Software Update
  • The next step is to look for any Plex updates that are available. If there are any, you’ll have to upgrade the system using the on-screen prompts.
  • In the next step, you’ll be required to switch off the Roku device and disconnect it from power sources.
  • After a few minutes, you’ll have to reconnect your Roku device and then turn it back on. Then, you can determine whether your Plex app problem is solved or not.

Check Plex Server

Sometimes, issues in your Plex application running on Roku may also be due to server issues. For information on how to test your Plex application for this issue Follow the steps below.

  • In the beginning, you’ll have to visit the website of the server you have installed on your Roku device, and then navigate to the Setting
  • You will then need to select the server tab on the right side of the screen. Then keep checking for a while until the Plex server is checking for updates. If there’s a Plex update you will get an alert for the update.
  • In the event that an update has been released, you’ll be required to install it after which you must restart your Plex server.
  • Additionally, you could think about changing that connection wirelessly Plex server connection with a wired one to see if it helps solve Plex Roku problems.
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These are the solutions you can use in the event that you’re unable to access Plex. Plex app for the Roku device. In the majority of cases, using these steps will help you solve the issue.

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