Steps to Activate Your SDCCU Card

Steps to Activate Your SDCCU Card


Steps to Activate Your SDCCU was established in 1938 in order to serve the financial requirements of local government employees. It was founded as San Diego Employees Credit Union and later changed its name in the 1970s to San Diego County Credit Union in the late 70s. SDCCU has the distinction of being the fifteen 15th most popular credit union within the United States (the largest local-owned banking institution located that is based in San Diego). In the present, SDCCU comes to everyone’s rescue with financial assistance by providing loans, credit cards, and more. Steps to Activate Your 

Steps to Activate Your SDCCU Card

If you’ve made an application for a card and received it via mail, it must be activated before you are able to use it at any retailer. In this article, you’ll learn how to activate your SDCCU card online via

How do I activate the SDCCU Card by visiting

You don’t want to face any sort of trouble when you attempt activating your SDCCU card online through We also want you to complete the activation process without difficulty. We suggest you get some things prepared prior to the activation. Here are the items you need: Steps to Activate Your 

  • Your card’s number
  • Online banking credentials: username and password
  • A mobile or computer
  • High-speed Internet connection

If you are sure that you have all the necessary items in place You can then move on to the steps to activate below.

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  • On your personal computer, you will launch your normal web browser.
  • Within the bar for URL enter, /activate.
  • Follow the screen instructions and then click on the ” ACTIVATE” button at the middle.
  • You will be taken to a secure login.
  • Input the ” Username” and then click on the “Continue ” Continue” button.
  • Simply enter”password”, then click ” Password” and follow the instructions on the screen to activate your card with no problems.

Forgot Username? Learn How to Retrieve Your SDCCU Username

You aren’t able to activate your account because you’ve forgotten your username? Don’t worry! We’ll tell you how to retrieve the San Diego County Credit Union username online.Steps to Activate Your 

  • Please click here to access our secure log-in page.
  • Search for”Forgot Your Username” and click on it ” Forgot Your Username?” and click that option.
  • On the next screen on the next page, you must verify your identity. After confirmation is made, will you be in a position to follow the next steps to find your username? If directed, you will input you ” Social Security or Tax ID number” as well as ” SDCCU debit card, credit card or account number“.
  • After entering each item, click on”Next” after entering each item ” Next” button.
  • The next screen will show on the next screen, you must adhere to the instructions on the screen to finish the procedure.
  • Once you’re finished You will be able to easily access your username.
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Don’t Have Online Banking? Enroll Now to Activate SDCCU Card

The process of requesting enrollment is simple and won’t take up much of your time. You can visit the signup or registration page at and go here.

  • You can access the SDCCU activate your card link. i.e.
  • Select the ” Activate button.
  • Next, you’ll need to select ” Enroll Today“.
  • You will be taken to the registration page. Be sure to enter your details exactly as you are instructed to do on the page.
  • Account Number with no suffix
  • Last Name
  • The last 4 numbers in the 4 last digits on your SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Birth Date (MM/ DD/ YYYY)
  • Select”Submit” or click on the ” Submit” button.

You’ve signed up successfully for SDCCU online banking.

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Q Do I have that you have an internet-based bank account prior to making use of the SDCCU card?

For you to make use of your SDCCU cards, you have to activate it. In order to do this, you must activate it online to get the most from the online bank.

What is the best way to do I sign up with SDCCU Online Banking?

A: The procedure is simple. It is necessary to have some basic information ready including account number, DOB, SSN and so on. Go to the registration page to set up an account in a short time.

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Q Where can I find the number of my account?

A: Find the 10 numbers on the account in the document. When entering it, ensure that you remove the 2 digit suffix toward the end.

Q: I’m unable to sign in. What do I do?

The answer is Sometimes, where users face problems with sign-in. There could be a variety of reasons that you do not finish the process. For a list of common mistakes these are:

  • Forgot Password
  • Cookies and Cache
  • A version of the Web browser or setting
  • System unavailable

Make sure you fix these issues first before proceeding ahead with the steps needed to activate your SDCCU card on


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