Wayfair Credit Card Approval Odds

Wayfair Credit Card Approval Odds


Wayfair provides two credit cards (in collaboration with Citibank) which you can be eligible to be approved for. There’s one called the Wayfair Mastercard that can be used wherever Mastercard can be used. There is also the Wayfair credit card (sometimes called being the Wayfair merchant card) which can only be used by Wayfair. If you are applying for the Wayfair credit card, it is important to don’t pick one of the cards. Instead, you’re evaluated for the Mastercard before being considered to be considered for the credit card that stores. Based on your credit score you could be offered a preference of one or the other cards, or you could get only the Wayfair credit card. (You may also be denied on both of the cards.)Wayfair Credit Card 

Wayfair is, like other retailers, is driven to get its credit card into the hands of customers. This makes it more straightforward to get approval for the Wayfair credit card than an account with a bank or one of the main card issuers.

wayfair credit card approval odds

Wayfair Mastercard Approval Odds / Credit Score Needed

People with better credit scores are more likely to be accepted for the Mastercard. What is a “higher credit score”? It’s likely to be around 650 or more. If you’re in the 650 range chances of approval of getting the Mastercard are very high. If you’re rejected with a 650 score or more, you’re likely to be accepted to use a Wayfair credit card. Wayfair credit card which is only accepted at Wayfair.

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If you have less than 650 marks the odds are lower. A credit score of 600 will give you a 50-50 chance of approval; less than 600 is not likely to be accepted by the Mastercard.

Wayfair Credit Card Approval Odds

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Wayfair Store-Only Credit Card Approval Odds / Credit Score Needed

A credit score above 650 will give you an almost 100% chance of being approved to use the exclusive store Wayfair card. Below 650, your chances are good until you reach 580 in credit score. If you score less than 580, you are likely will be turned down completely.

Be aware the fact that your score on credit isn’t the sole factor that determines your chances of being accepted by the Wayfair credit card, or credit card. Things like your income, the number of new accounts, as well as the ratio of credit card debt (debt relative to credit lines that are available to you) as well as other factors, can be considered more carefully when deciding the eligibility of your application.

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