What day does American Express report to the credit bureaus?

American Express reports your balances and payments to credit bureaus once a month on the last day in your card’s billing cycle. You will need to know the date and time of your last billing cycle for your card in order to determine the exact day your card’s information was reported.

The last day of your billing period can be found on your paper statement, or online when your American Express account is logged in. In the image below, you can see the card’s billing periods which ended on the 9th or 10th month in the past. The account information would have been reported on July 10, September 10, September 9, October 9, October 9, November 9 and December 10.What day does American Express report to the credit bureaus?

What day does American Express report to the credit bureaus?

Each card has a different reporting date

American Express will report to the major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian on the last day of that card. A second American Express card could have a different billing period, which would mean that the reporting date for the second card might be different.

This is logical, as American Express would have to report every credit card on the same date each month. It would be difficult to collect millions of accounts at once. Even if they could, credit bureaus wouldn’t be able record all this information simultaneously. Not to mention the other credit card issuers’ information that is sent to credit reporting agencies!

Why don’t I see it on my credit report?

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American Express will report your card information at the end of each billing cycle, but credit reporting agencies may not have this information immediately. Sometimes it may take several days before you can view your credit report. Additionally, if your billing period ends on a bank holiday it will be reported late which could delay the updating of credit reports.

However, American Express reports to all major credit bureaus at the end of each card’s billing cycle. You should see this information in your credit report within a few days.


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