Activate h2o Wireless Service

Activate h2o Wireless Service


Wireless Service h2o Wireless is an American-based service that offers a prepaid GSM telephone and internet mobile service that is known for using its AT&T GSM 4G LTE service. H2o Wireless is a trademark of MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) Locus Telecommunications. The service offered by h2o Wireless can be described as a service with no restrictions that allows customers to bring or purchase unsubsidized or unlocked phones, however, AT&T locked phones or contract phones are also accepted. If you have recently received your h2o wireless service, before you can access it, you will need to activate it on the page. To know how to activate h2o wireless service on the page, follow the information provided below. Wireless Service

Activate h2o

Guide to Activate h2o Wireless Service on the Page

  1. To begin with, you will first need to open a web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer, and navigate to the activation page of h2o Wireless using the URL –
  2. If you’re on the activation page for H2O wireless, you’ll be required to scroll down to choose the right option on your screen. The options on the screen are likely to include the following:

Get a New Number

Get started with a brand new number

New Number

Bring Your Number

Input your current number.


  1. If you’re looking to purchase a new phone number, you’ll have to click”New Number. This will bring you to the subsequent page where you’ll be asked to sign in to your H2O Wireless account by entering your username and email. Thus, enter the username and password in the appropriate fields, and click the login button. Then, follow the prompts displayed on the screen to receive a new phone number. After you have received the newly generated number, you are able to follow the next steps for activating it.Wireless Service
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Note: If you do not have an H2O Wireless account, choose to click or tap the sign-up option. Clicking this will bring users to the subsequent page where you’ll be required to enter details in the fields beside Email Password and Address (between 6 and 10 characters) Re-Confirm Password First Name, Last Name, and the Contact Phone number. Once you’ve provided all the necessary information you must select the checkbox beside the below options:Wireless Service

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I agree to the Terms and Conditions

Yes, I’d prefer to receive notifications regarding special events, promotions, and exclusive deals. Then, just click the Register button and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the registration process.

  1. However, If you want to use your own personal number, you’ll need to click the Port-in button. As after pressing the Port-in button you will be brought onto the screen. you will be asked to input the number you would like to be transferred to H2O Wireless.
  2. In other words, type in your number in the field that is relevant to you and then press the Continue button. After that, it will bring you to the subsequent screen on which you’ll likely provide more details.
  3. Once you have completed entering the necessary information into the appropriate fields, you’ll need to follow the prompts on-screen to finish the activation process. Wireless Service
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These are the steps you must take to enable your H2O Wireless account. If you’re not able to activate your account with these instructions then you should contact the h2o Wireless customer support to get assistance. For information on how to reach the customer support of h2o wireless Follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, you will need to open a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet, and navigate to the homepage of h2o Wireless using the URL –
  • When you arrive at the home page of h2o Wireless it is the case that you be required to scroll down to the end of the page and then select the FAQ tab. This will lead you directly to the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page that is on your next page.
  • When you arrive located on our FAQ section, you are able to go through the list of FAQs to find a solution to the specific issue or question you have.
  • Alternately, select or tap the Chat with us button in the lower-right corner on the homepage. By clicking this, you will be able to launch a chat screen where you’ll need to enter your name and Call Back Number mobile number, as well as select an issue in the dropdown menu. Wireless Service
  • After you have entered the necessary information You will have to select or tap”SEND” to initiate the start session. After that, you will get connected with one H2O Wireless customer service representatives.
  • Discuss your issue to the H2O Wireless representative and receive the most reliable answer for your issue.
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This is the way to contact h2o Wireless support at customer service to get help with the activation issue.

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