Cashback Monitor Review -2021

Cashback Monitor Review 

  1. You log into the portal or mall before you make purchases on the internet.
  2. Once you’ve signed up to the portal, you can access a list of merchants that have arranged to offer certain discount (or rewards points) to customers of the portal or mall. For instance, the last time we checked at, Shop Through Chase Shop Through Chase portal was providing an additional 3percent cashback if we utilized the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card at Ulta Beauty.
  3. Choose the retailer from which you wish to shop and then click the “Shop Now” button or whatever it is that “mall” has to transport you to the website of the retailer.
  4. The purchases you make on the retailer’s website are tracked, and you receive the extra money in return or rewards points.

These online shopping sites are sort of obvious for those who plan to shop with certain stores and you’re advised to make use of them.

What Cashback Monitor Does

  1. Cashback Monitor provides a type of one-stop-shop to determine the most lucrative cash back or reward rate you can receive when you shop at a particular retailer. For instance, Macy’s has relationships with many of these malls, however the amount of rebate or reward you receive varies.

Cashback Monitor Review -2021

If you’re thinking of shopping on the internet at Macy’s then you can use Cashback Monitor to find out which online shopping platform to choose to make the most money points, miles, points and more.

If you sign up for an account and then sign into it using Cashback Monitor, you can utilize their tool, which allows you to assign a value for each reward mile or reward point and you are able to attempt to make an apples-to-apples comparison of which website offers the most value. (Cashback Monitor doesn’t provide an estimate of value but rather provides the ability to modify the value when you believe that a mile or point will be worth greater or more than the penny-per point equation that is the default setting for several software. )

Is Cashback Monitor Worth the Time?

If you’re a “maximizer” when it comes to loyalty rewards, Cashback Monitor offers an extensive listing of portals and malls, including rebate/reward figures which are generally current. It is, in essence, an invaluable source for those of you.

For some, however for whom the Internet provides an overwhelming array of options. If you’re one of them, Cashback Monitor could be the perfect solution to your information overload.

One Word of Caution

Be aware that any rebate or reward that you earn via a shopping site can only be used on the website or credit card. If you’ve got accounts with several portals, and you always search for the highest cashback through Cashback Monitor, you could have excellent rewards that are spread out across many sites, credit cards or travel plans. It is recommended to pick just a handful of programs that are beneficial to you, and to compare rebates offered by those sites only. You could, for instance, choose to focus upon Rakuten, Swagbucks, and your Chase credit card in order to maximize your rewards so you are able to redeem frequently. Whichever way you decide to do it, Cashback Monitor is an excellent tool if you’re willing invest the time and effort to maximise.


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