Terro Liquid Ant Baits-2021

The Ants Invaded

When the weather began to warm up during the early spring months, insects came in, more as any previous year that I can recall. Our neighbors told us they were ill as well.

At first, it was an ant within the cooking area. However, they were carpenter ants. They are the ones that let you look at every inch of their tiny bodies. We set out some of those tiny traps for ants placed on our floor the white ones with the dome-like shape. They work well on tiny ants, however the carpenters seem to be laughing at them. We put the traps in to see if they would eventually work . The pests that visit the traps are supposed to carry poison back to the nest to kill all the others — however, the number of ants increased and I knew it was only a matter of time until they got to the pantry.

Terro Liquid Ant Baits-2021

They Made It To The Pantry

The tiny ant traps did not work. Carpenter ants spotted the food and were making their camp inside the pantry. We’d like to have more power to burn.

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We Bought The Terro

It’s only $5 or $6 for a set of six baits. Each one contains a small amount of poison gold in the form of liquid. It is easy to cut off the top of the bait and then put it into the water. At first , I was confused because when you remove the top of the bait, it leaves tiny holes for the ants to pass through. It seemed to me that it was too tiny. It wasn’t.

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The Ant Dance

The ants were a-running. It was similar to the sound of a Conga line, as they went to the baits to drink their death. If I thought that the traps were too narrow within these traps, then I ought to have been aware of how small the ants are. Soon enough, they were getting through, and 6 to 7 or 8 were in the trap at a time.

The objective is to let them be while they head towards the baits so that they are not poisoned and all their friends at home. It was difficult not hit them with my own fist. There were hundreds! I was unable to resist the urge, and after 24 hours, they were all but non-existent. Another 12-24 hours and there was no sign of them with the exception of the dead bodies of a few wanderers.

Remember It’s Liquid!

After they died I went to the traps to throw them away and then thought there was a liquid in the traps. I spilled some of it on the floor. It’s not a big deal But be aware of that as you dispose from the trap.

Did The Job When I Needed It

Others on the internet might inform you to create an Borax solution by yourself or look for a less harmful method to get rid of the insects. However, once they get into my food sources I’m out of rational options. I found that the Terro Ant Baits completed the job for just $5 or $6 or $6 or whatever and I now know which direction to take for the future.

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